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"Nepal was regarded as one of the most popular Hindu Kingdom. People believe on creator Brahma, Preserver Vishnu and enemy destroyer Maheshwor (Shiva) . Nepal is totally followed by Vedic "Mantra" not like any other countries. Buddhism is second followed by many powerful Gods. The Trinity of Gods is considered Supreme Almighty, Gods are always associated with their Spouse.”

In agreement with the Puran books, Lord Shiva whose home is in the Himalayan region. It is the home of destroyers Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. So Most of Hindu Pilgrimage Site In Nepal is related to Lord Shiva who is very omnipotent. God of Nepal Pashupatinath, Mt. Kailash, Dakshinkali and Guheshwori are very famous Shakti peeths of Kathmandu Valley.

The high mountains Hindu Pilgrimage Site In Nepal is known as Shakti peeth are called Pathibhara, Shaileshwori Vindyavashini, Manakamana, Jogeshwari etc. They are situated on the lap of a mountain. The Ganga is Known as the confluence of several rivers. It is a holy river, if someone takes bath on this river, he/she will have great virtue in life. They will clean the purgatory and sin. The Bagmati River is a holy river which comes from the top of mountain northern site of Kathmandu valley from the tiger statutes. T river Devighat Rudrabeni Ridi is called confluences,Most of the Popular Pilgrimage Sites visited in Nepal, some of them are listed Below. You have much more things to do in Nepal During your Holidays Visit in nepal.

Pashupatinath: Pashupatinath is main Hindu Pilgrimage Site In Nepal. Pashupati is the second name of Lord Shiva. It means Pashupati is the main lord of living creatures. It is one of the most popular holy places in Nepal. Many Hindus holy and peaceful pilgrims come to Pashupatinath through the year. Shiva Ratri (Shiva night) is the birthday of Lord Pashupatinath. It falls one day before black moon in February many small temples are located around this site by several names of god. We can go to Guheswori, on the way from Pashupatinath. It is called UNESCO world heritage site. There is cremation ground in the bank of Bagmati rivers. Many dead bodies are cremated on the wooden cremator. After the cremation, the ritual ashes are thrown into the Bagmati Rivers.

Manakamana: It is considered as Gurga Bhawani Which is called Hindus Goddess, Located in the west district of Nepal It is relic word- Manakamana means the wishes of the soul to fulfill if someone bonus and salutes according to the legend with a pure heart. It is located at the height of 1300 meters. It is surrounded by many beautiful and graceful places.

Sworgadwari: It is a holy place of Nepal, situated in the western region of Nepal at 6960 Ft.It is an important holy place for the Hindu who believes in God. It is the main Vedic place for Hindus. The King of all deities Indra ha performed a Mayan (homage) in Satya yuga at this place. There is a beautiful temple of Sworgadwari. It is said that the Sworgadwari guru Mahaney was an incarnation of God.

Bhimeshwor: It is the beautiful temple with religious importance, located in the Dolakha District. There is a stature of God Bhim. He is the second prince of panch Pandav. He was worshipped by traders/ businessman to have goodwill and promotion. So he is called will God. People sacrifice the blood animals as demon/devil.

Gosaikunda: it is a beautiful, delightful and glacier lake which is situated in Langtang. It takes 2/3 days on foot from Dhunche. According to legend, It was created by Lord Shiva by his trident. He had to drink water after kalkut poison so he had to digest the kalkut poison which was the production obtained Samudra Manthan by the Gods and Ashurs (demons). One can visit this holy place on the auspicious day of full moon day in July (Shrawan Purnima). If someone takes baths in the lake, he/she can cleave the Sin what he/she has done in the life. Thousands of Hindus and Indian People go to this lake. It is a trekking place as well on the height of 14,373 ft. Besides the famous Gosaikunda Lake, the other lakes in the region are Nagkunda, Bhairab Kunda, Saraswati Kunda, Suraj kunda etc.


Damodar Kunda: Glacier lake, situated on the slope of Damodar Himal in Mustang district. We can reach within 3 days walk. It is the main source of river kali Gandaki. It is known as the main region of shaligram. It is called shalgrams. Other names of river Gandaki are called as Kali Gandaki, Sapta Gandaki and Narayani , They are very famous holy rivers


It is 50 Km far from Tansen Capital head quarter city of palpa district. It is the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and Ridi Khola. There is a beautiful temple of Rishikeshwara ( Vishnu ) wit 50 other small temples, if someone visits this places, he/she will earn merit for this life as well as for the next life. Many holy people live around this are

Muktinath : This is one of the most popular holy Hindu Pilgrimage Site In Nepal. We can have salvation and free from curse . So lord Vishnu got his salvation and peaceful soul. There is also jwaladevi, a devini flame is continuously burning since thousands of year . This pagoda shaped temple dedicated lord Vishnu situated at an altitude of 3800 m . There are 108 water spouts from which pour holy water. Thousands of people visit this place.


Devghat: It is the confluence of Trishuli and river Kali Gandaki it is a holy religious Triveni. It is only 6 Km north of Narayanghat, Narayani River is the combination of all 7 holy Kali Gandaki River. During the time of Makarshankranti in Nepal, Many Pilgrims from around Nepal and India to Immense (Take a holy dive in the river ) This festival is very popular in Nepal as Meghe Sankranti. It is the first day of Nepal month Magh (Mid January)


Janakpur: It is renown Hindu Pilgrimage Site In Nepal 375 km far from Kathmandu as locates in the eastern part of Nepal. This is a popular holy place. It is the birthplace of Janaki Sita who was married to Lord Ram, The 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


Barachhetra: Lord Vishnu The preserver of the Universe, has incarnated as Baraha (Boar) in this region and hence it is called Barachhetra. It is one of the four holy places in Nepal. According to Puran that Lord Vishnu came down to earth the form of a boar and destroyed Hiranyakashyapu, and an evil demon at this very spot. It is on the bank of saptakoshi. This pilgrimage is accessed through Dharan. Since the site is related to Lord Vishnu it is assumed as sacred as Gaya for Shraddha (Offering to ancestors). The pilgrimage is at a confluence of tributaries of river Koshi and hence many pilgrims around Nepal and India come here for a dip at the day of Makar Sankranti.


Balmiki Ashram: It is an island in Narayani River near Triveni, 20 km south of kusunde, which lies between Narayanghat and Butawal in Mahendra Highway. Goddes sita was exiled from the royal palace and stayed here. She gave born twin sons lav and kush. This Ashram was a retreat used by the great sage Balmiki, who wrote a complete epic of Ramayan.

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