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Thursday, January 21, 2016


Tibet- Shangri-La, the land of snows is well known because the roof of the globe lies on a upland at a mean elevation of four,000m. Tibet additional is the land of ancient Buddhist culture having impressive landscapes, artistic monasteries and centuries recent caravan trails. The holy land is bounded by the Kunlun mountains to the north and the Himalayas to the south. Tibet covers an area of 1.2 million sq. km, and has a population of 2.3 million. Tibet is a sacred land of myths and mysteries inhabited by the ever smiling people. It has not only exerted magnetic spell upon travelers for centuries but also upon spies, missionaries, scholars, geographers, mystics, soldiers and cranks etc, yet, only few intrepid serious and determined travellers have been able to make it. Tibet being extremely remote and isolated by the most formidable Himalayan ranges, a fascinating world of timeless splendor, unique tradition and breathtaking scenery awaits all travelers.

From April to October is the best season for riding. There is not much rain in Tibet as it is a plateau behind the Himalayan range. But it rains to some extent during July and August and rest of the season is fine with clear sky. There may be snow fall in the high passes if it rains during April and end of October. Temperature ranges from 0-15 degree Celsius depending upon altitude and weather.

The bulk of the trip is crossing the arid Tibetan Plateau, which lies in the rain shadow of the chain and will not receive a lot of annual precipitation. Our departures during the season area unit regular to miss the monsoon in Kingdom of Nepal, and we ought to be secure clear, dry weather for the last step into Kathmandu. The weather on the Tibetan Plateau throughout the day can be amazingly delicate and heat, while nights can be clear and crisp. Temperatures will vary from twenty degrees Centigrade throughout the day to well below phase change at night. As on any of our routes though, storms can occur at anytime on with a sprinkling of snow.

Tibetans are usually honest and edifice employees will be trusty to not walk off with our belongings. Pickpockets are just about unknown and there appear to be no scams aimed at parting North American country from our cash. The situation has mitigated and Tibetans now not risk being rebuked for talking with foreigners. We have to avoid taking images of Chinese troopers.

Min 4pax, plus Nepali guide-medically trained and old, drivers, Tibetan guide and extra Nepalese MTB guide if numbers dictate.

GRADE: Cross Country
These trips follow chiefly vehicle-width dirt roads, which could be sleek, gritty, stony, rocky, rutted, loose or hard-packed. The tracks will rise and fall over undulating, hilly and mountainous piece of land, but single-track riding can not be enclosed within the main itinerary (optional bits area unit usually possible). Some experience of cross-country riding is well before booking, but the quantity counseled can vary from trip to trip.

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